“SOLO” is designed with a low profile, which gives extra comfort through the metatarsal area without compromising the necessary working function of the shoe.

“SOLO” has a slightly tapered toe box and is available in three standard “stock” shoe types.

· Standard insole. Standard box

· Hard insole ¾ shank. Standard box

· Hard insole full shank. Standard box

· Light Insole. Lighter box

“SOLO” Light is designed to help young dancers and is made in a more flexible style so that students will be able to get to the “en Pointe” position more easily, thus ensuring correct placement is achieved. Because this shoe is more flexible it requires little or no time to break in and is often used as “performance ready” shoe by more experienced dancers.

Breaking In Your New Solo.

In order to receive the best longevity from your Pointe Shoes, we recommend that Pointe Shoes be broken in naturally by the moisture from perspiration.

You may feel, however that the shoe feels a little hard or that you may benefit from a lower profile. If this is the case, we recommend that you apply pressure to the top of the box with your hands whilst the shoe is on a flat hard surface and to squish the shoe until the box height is lowered. We do not recommend heavy breaking in as it could cause the box to fracture making the shoe uncomfortable and reducing it’s life span.


The wing area can be softened by gently working the area with your fingers.

*Remember that the shoe will mold to your foot as you wear it and none of these procedures may be necessary.


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